Scream Safe Instructions

Last Updated Sep 11, 2022

We are currently selling two versions of the Scream Safe Personal Protection Device, both are equally as loud. One is small and round, while the other one is oval. Here are the instructions on how to use them and replace batteries.

When To Use It:

This device is intended for use in emergency situations where you feel you are unsafe and wish to alert people around you to come to the rescue, or to scare off attackers. Some examples include:

1) Suspicion that you are being followed when you are walking alone at night
2) You spot a potentially unsafe situation nearby, for example, an attacker approaching children, and want to draw attention and/or scare the attacker away
3) You require immediate help and cannot reach people with your voice alone

What It Does:

When the device is activated, the device will emit a very loud alarm noise (130 dB). The alarm noise will sound continue until deactivated. The alarm duration is expected to last up to a constant 30 minutes with new batteries.

How To Use It:

The diagram to the left references the front of the device.
To activate the alarm via keychain, tug on the device away from the keychain. The pin will come out. Simply put the pin back to deactivate the alarm.

Battery Replacement:

The diagram to the right refers to the back of the device. Please follow the instructions below to replace old batteries:

1) Use a screwdriver to loosen the battery cover
2) Remove the cover
3) Remove old batteries
4) Install 4 LR44 Button Cell Batteries according to the +/- diagram (Included with the purchase)
5) Place the cover back to its position and tighten the screw