Guardcam Light Bulb Instructions

Last Updated Oct 17, 2022

Product Features:

  • Resolution: 1080P HD / 30 FPS
  • Night Vision: 33 Feet (10m)
  • Network Connection: Wifi / AP Hotspot
  • Socket: E27 Bulb Base (Fits your standard socket)
  • Storage: Up To 128GB (SD card) / Cloud Storage
  • Luminance: 12000 Lumen
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65
  • Material: Premium ABS + High-Quality Glass + Aluminium Alloy Wiring
  • Package Includes: 1x Wireless Light Bulb Camera, 1x E27 Bulb Socket, 2x Mounting Screws, 1x User Manual 
  • Connects directly to your home WiFi and Accessible anywhere in the world!
  • Works with any iPhone and Android Device
  • Motion Tracking that works flawlessly.
  • Night Vision is Astounding
  • No Monthly Cloud Storage Required - This camera has a slot to hold a 64 GB SD Card that keeps your recordings safe!
  • No Batteries Required, this camera works directly off your bulb outlet.
  • With the Phone app you'll be able to pan 360°. The camera pans left, right, up & down.
  • Smart Technology allows the camera to reconnect after any power outage.
  • Security Motion Light
  • All recordings are encrypted and can only be viewed by the admin user.
  • Voice Intercom, talk and listen at the same time

How Does It Work?  

Our Guardcam™️ Light Bulb is a revolutionary solution to provide safety to your property and family. After a quick and easy installation, it records in 1080P HD during the night and day. It automatically registers and tracks anything that moves while sending you a notification when that happens. With a built in 2-way audio integrated system, you can say whatever you want to the burglar, effectively scaring them off. With a built-in light, it can even further terrify intruders while improving image quality at night to use as evidence. 

How easy is this camera to set up?

Super easy! It screws in just like a regular light bulb and requires no batteries. The free app takes just 2 minutes to set up.

Do you have to purchase the cloud storage in order to review footage?

No, you don't have to subscribe to Cloud Services. You can easily insert a 64 GB SD Card that will hold all the footage the camera captures. When the storage is full, it will cycle the storage and record new footage over the oldest recorded footage.

Can I use the camera outdoors?

Yes! The Guardcam™️ Light Bulb can be used Indoors or Outdoors under a covered area. You'll want to keep the camera away from getting wet.

Does the camera hook up to iPhone and Android Devices?

Yes! The Guardcam™️ Light Bulb is compatible with all iPhone and Android devices. Once the Guardcam™️ Light Bulb is delivered, you'll open your camera and scan the QR Code. That QR code will have your smart phone download the appropriate app for the Guardcam™️ Light Bulb. From there you'll easily connect all cameras purchased to your app. You can view all cameras once connected from your device.

Can I share my cameras with other family members or business owners?

Yes! The cameras are shareable across devices. You can share the cameras with family members, business owners, and employees that need to have access to the cameras.

If the power goes out, do I need to reset the camera?

No, the Guardcam™️ Light Bulb stores your set position. When the electric goes out and comes back on, the Guardcam™️ Light Bulb will recalibrate. From there it will go to the last set position the admin gave it. For example, if you were to set the position of the camera to be looking at an entry way and the power goes out, the camera would reboot and reset to the door entry view.

What is the camera resolution? 

Camera resolution is 1080p.

Still need help? Create a support request with our customer service team and we'd be happy to help.