Purchase an item
Review Community Standards for guidelines.
Find the item in your order history and select “Rate”
Users can provide a star rating without providing comments or photos or videos
In order to rate or leave comments on an item, users must also rate the store.
Ratings are typically published within 2 days.
Once feedback has been submitted and displayed to others, the person that submitted the materials can edit that content. However, any new content may be reviewed for compliance with applicable guidelines.

Category: User Feedback

User feedback (ratings, comments and images/video) helps our users determine whether an item will satisfy them or otherwise fit their needs. To encourage submission of feedback, DealFlip may offer small incentives, such as reward points, that over time and additional feedback may lead to discounts or other benefits within the service.
Users can submit feedback, including a star rating, comments and photos or videos, for products and stores (merchants). In order to submit feedback, a user must first purchase an item.
Feedback is typically reviewed for compliance with applicable guidelines and policies before it is displayed to others. Feedback that does not comply with guidelines and policies may be edited or may not be displayed to others. For example:

A comments or images containing or portraying profanity or other offensive content may not be displayed to others.
A review containing low quality images, such as images that do not focus on the item or that are blurry, may not be published or it may be displayed to others but without the low quality image(s).
When feedback is deemed negative, photos or video included in the feedback may not be displayed to others.
If a photo or video shows damaged or incorrectly manufactured items, then the photo or video may not be not be displayed to others.

Product Overview pages show a limited amount of the feedback for an item. On the overview page DealFlip tries to display higher quality feedback, such as feedback that: includes photos or several comments, is recent, or has generated positive responses.
Consumers that want to see overviews of all ratings can do so as follows:

On web – click “View All” or navigate to the “Ratings” tab.
On Mobile
iOS – navigate to the product rating tab. Once on the product rating tab a user can sort and re-sort the reviews.

Sorting – Users that navigate to the product rating tab can sort and resort ratings and comments according to their preferences. Users can do this on the web by opening the product overview page in a new tab.
Consumers can also see reviews for the store or merchant.
Item feedback is generally presented in chronological order (most recent first), but ratings and comments that include feedback that: include photos, include several comments, are more recent, or have generated positive responses may be presented first
DealFlip may run tests to better understand which types of feedback are most helpful to other users and the best ways to present it.
Contacting Reviewers – at this time DealFlip does not support tools that would allow one user to contact another about a review.

Category: User Feedback

If your account is registered through Facebook, you can disable DealFlip’s Facebook privileges.

Visit Facebook Settings
Hit the “x” on the far right of the row with “DealFlip” on the left.

If you login with email or Google+:
You can deactivate your account from your Settings page. On the mobile app, tap on Settings > Deactivate Account. On the website, scroll to the bottom of the Account Settings page and click on Deactivate Account.

Visit Account Settings
Scroll down and click “Deactivate Account”.

If you think your account is compromised, please contact our specialized team by emailing support@DealFlip.com.

To reset your phone number, please follow these steps:

Visit Settings
Click “Account Settings” on the left panel
Click “Get Reset Key” and text the code to the number provided to reset your phone number
After your text the key, you’ll receive a confirmation text message shortly.

To reset your password, please follow these steps:

Click Login
Click “Forgot Password”
Enter your Email Address and click “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation email to reset your password.

To change your password, please follow these steps:

Visit Settings
Click “Account Settings” on the left panel.
Enter your old and new password in the boxes next to “Password”.
Click “Change Password”.

To change your email address, please follow these steps:

Visit Settings
Click “Account Settings” on the left panel
Update your email address in the text box next to “Email”. Once it’s saved, a confirmation email will be sent to your new address
Click the confirmation link in the email you receive. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your confirmation email and check your spam folder if you’re not seeing it.

You can unsubscribe from email communications by following these steps:

Visit Settings
Click “Notifications” on the left panel
Check the appropriate boxes to change your type of notifications.

You cannot unsubscribe from purchase updates.

You can create an account on DealFlip by using your email address, Facebook or Phone number. Please visit download the following DealFlip mobile app to create an account and start shopping.
You can find our mobile apps at the following links:

Apple App Store

You can find your order invoice in your Order History and click “Details”.
This page as well as the confirmation email you received can be used as an invoice for your records. Please note, stores are unable to attach an invoice to the outside of your package for customs purposes.

Category: Orders

If your order didn’t go through and was denied, it may be possible that your payment was declined. Here are a few reasons why that may have happened.

The card is expired.
The account has insufficient funds.
The card was reported as stolen or frozen.

If you are using a debit card, be sure it has a CVV and can be billed as a credit card. Your order will also not go through if the product is unable to ship to your country.

Category: Orders

If your order history is empty, it could be possible that you’ve logged into a different DealFlip account.
If you do not see your purchases in your order history, please make sure you are logged into the correct account. Every DealFlip account is separate and may be under a different Facebook, Google+ or email address.

Category: Orders

For assistance, please contact our Customer Support team in your Order History and click “Contact Support” for the order you need assistance with.

Category: Orders

Merchants provide the information in the item listings, including any strike-through prices/percentage discounts. DealFlip does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that the merchant actually offered or sold the item at the strike-through price.

Promo codes allow you to save even more on your order. To redeem a promo code, please follow these steps:

Visit your Cart.
When you’re ready to check out, click on the promo code field and type in your code
Click “Apply”. Your cart will be updated to reflect the added discounts.
Please note that some promo codes may not be used together.

Rewards will be automatically applied toward the purchase of your products in the checkout if you apply the reward and the product is eligible. Please note that DealFlip rewards cannot cover shipping fees, as shipping is fulfilled by stores across the world.

Rewards and gift cards can be applied toward eligible items sold on DealFlip. We will notify you when you receive a reward by sending an email and you’ll also get a notification on your notifications page, which you’ll see when you log in. Each reward is different and may vary in amount, and cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred outside of DealFlip.
You can always check on your rewards and their expiration dates in the DealFlip app.

Your billing information is completely secure on DealFlip. If you’d like to delete your billing information, please follow the steps below.

Visit Settings
Click “Payment Settings”
Click “Delete” under Billing Details

Once you place a new order, you’ll be asked to enter your updated payment information at check out.

DealFlip does not collect any payment for customs, taxes, VAT, currency conversion rates, or any other fees, and cannot reimburse any extra charges.
Customs: We recommend that you contact your local customs office if you have any doubts or questions about whether or not your item will be permitted into your country.
VAT: We do not charge for Value-Added Tax and cannot cover any charges which your country may add.
Currency Conversion: Although all items are displayed in your country’s currency, each transaction is charged under US dollars.
Post Office: We cannot say for certain whether your local post will charge you for the products you order. If you have any questions, please contact your local post for more information.

DealFlip displays prices in your local currency. The currency may change according to where you are located at the time of purchase.
If your credit card is used for a payment in foreign currency, most banks will allow you to pay, though they may charge a fee for this service. Please check with your bank to see if you can make international payments.

We currently accept payments through the following payment providers:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cirrus, and Maestro
Apple Pay

We cannot accept cash, bank transfer, or payment in installments. Please note that the list of available payment methods may change depending on which country you are in, what platform you are using, and all payments are made in U.S. dollars.

Depending on your payment type, your refund will be automatically applied back to your account. Please allow 5-10 business days for the refund to appear in your account. In some cases, especially with credit cards, your original charge may disappear entirely from your statement and you won’t see a refund in your account.

We can only refund your money to your original payment method and we are unable to issue refunds to a different card, different account, or different payment method. For more information please review our Return Policy.
We recommend that you contact your card issuer for help with receiving a refund if your card was replaced.

You can check the status of your refund by visiting your Order History. It may take 5-10 business days for your refund to process back to your original form of payment.
If you’re still having trouble finding your processed refund in your account, we recommend contacting your bank or payment provider for more information.

You have up to 8 hours from the time of purchase to cancel any items you no longer DealFlip to receive.
If your order was placed within the first 8 hours, you can go to your Order History and click “Request Refund”.
After clicking this option, your order will be cancelled and no charges will occur. If your order has already been processed, you’ll be covered under our Return Policy.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t offer item exchanges. We may be able to help replace an order if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction. Please contact DealFlip Customer Support for more help.

All items may be returned within 30 days of delivery.
To return an item, please contact DealFlip Customer Support through the app or on web. Please note that we don’t cover return shipping costs at this time. For more information, please review our Return Policy.

Before placing your order on DealFlip, you can change the shipping address directly in your shopping cart.
If your order was placed within the first 8 hours, you can go to your Order History and click “Change Shipping Address”.
Once your order has shipped, it’s no longer possible to change the address. We recommend contacting your local post office with your numbers to see if they can reroute your order to another address.

DealFlip is a global platform, connecting customers with stores from across the world. Your order could ship from a variety of locations depending on the store’s location.

We strive to maintain low shipping costs. The shipping price associated with each item is displayed at checkout. The cost varies depending on the size, weight and destination of your order. Since items may ship from multiple stores, shipping costs are applied separately by item ordered.

Orders typically ship within 1-2 days. Shipping times vary based on the individual store and destination.
To view estimated shipping times for your orders, please visit your Order History and choose “Where’s My Package?” for more information. You can track your package’s delivery progress at any time from this area.

If you want to check the delivery status of your order, you can find the most updated tracking information by visiting Order History.
Click on “Where’s my package?” to view your order’s estimated date of arrival and tracking history. Please note, depending on how the store ships your order, there may not be tracking information available.

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