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Personal Safety Alarm - Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips

The Personal Alarm That Could Save Your Life

Emergencies can happen at any moment. Unfortunately, many victims are too traumatized from the shock of an attack and are too scared to ask for help. Protect yourself in a moment of need with Screamsafe.

No phone battery or reception

In remote locations, parking garages and cities, using your cell phone for help might not always be an option right away. Never worry when you run out of battery either.

City living and walking alone at night

Going to and from night activities or night shift work where you have to walk in dark areas can be safer with an alarm that's always ready.

Young children and college students going to school

Minors who walk on their own to school or the bus stop can stay protected even when you can't be there. College students can also take extra precaution on big campuses.

Seniors and elderly with medical emergencies

An alarm can always be in reach when your elderly loved ones can't call for help on their own after falls or medical emergencies.

Scream Safe allows you to take back that element of surprise.

You never know when the moment will present itself. Don't be unprepared.   Screamsafe Siren issmall but extremely loud (130 db) and guaranteed to deter attackers, allowing you to get away safely. The piercingly loud alarm can capture someone's attention from up to 1,000 ft away.

We believe that everyone has a right to be safe. We also know that safety doesn't happen by accident. Safety is achieved by intentionally creating an environment of vigilance, and providing people with tools to help in case of an emergency. The biggest advantage an assailant has is that you aren't expecting them to attack. That's why law enforcement officers across the USA have been urging families to carry a self defense siren. Most self-defense classes also recommend a personal alarm that you can trigger when you need help. 

Ear-Piercingly Loud 130db Alarm
High Intensity LED Lights
TSA Friendly and Legal in Every State
Replaceable batteies and 365 day standby time


To activate the alarm via keychain, tug on the device away from the keychain. The pin will come out. Simply put the pin back to deactivate the alarm.
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