Bark Quiet

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Get Greater Results in Puppy Training

Before dogs build bad behaviors, a handheld ultrasonic trainer can start changing them from the day they turn 6 months old! And while a training clicker is great for encouraging positive behaviors, the Bark Quiet Anti Bark Device will train out all the negative ones, so you get greater results in puppy training (batteries not included)

Stop Barking
Safe to Human & Dog

How it works:

When you’re out with your dog it’ll naturally try to scamper away, bark at others, jump on other people and be a general menace to society until trained. So every time he/she does the unwanted behavior, simply press the button and the irritating noise will stop them. Now, they won’t get it immediately, but over 3-10 days they’ll begin to learn their behavior is the one creating the noise and when they stop, it stops!


Can be used as a pet training tool, to deter unwanted barking or as a dog repellent to discourage stray or aggressive dogs from approaching you or your pet.


When you push the “ON” button the controller, it will emit a long range ultrasonic sound which can only be heard by dogs.


Carries an ultrasonic range up to 65 feet, capable to alarm the approaching dogs before they become aggressive.

Easily train your dog without causing problems for yourself or your pet
Did Your Dog Just Run Off?
Just hit the button and they’ll stop from anywhere up 15 feet. Then call them back and reinforce the Good behavior with a treat. Help them learn with a safe (but oh-so annoying) noise.
Neighbors Dogs Barking?
Just point this anti barking training gadget in their direction as a deterrent and in 10 days hopefully they learn the behavior too! Not suitable for deaf or hearing impaired pet so ask your neighbor.
For Training, not Safety.
While the device features a sonic anti-barking deterrent and bright Flashlight to shine into eyes, you cannot use it as a safety device.


Chose the appropriate setting, “light” for led light only, “I” for dog training, “II” for dog repeller. Then point the trainer directly at the target dog or cat, it will be effectively stop its bad behaviors within the distance of up to approx 20 feet. Give your pet command, then immediately press the button “BEAM” for 2 or 3 seconds. Repeat several times until your pet responds to your command, remember to praise or give her treat when she does it correctly.
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